Seafood is one of the beloved food/dishes in the world, not just in Hong Kong. In the past, Hong Kong was a fishing village where people relied on selling seafood to make a living. Seafood has been an important part of people’s life for centuries. Even Hong Kong has transformed into knowledge base economy, the fishing industry never declines. Seafood still remain as precious food to many Hong Kong citizen and seafood dish is a must-have in family gathering. Plenty of famous Chinese dishes are made with seafood. We steam mollusks, crabs, lobsters and fishes from fresh-water or seawater. We also fry mollusks, crabs and fishes. Examples of famous seafood dishes are Shrimps with spicy garlic sauce, Chinese steamed white fish fillet with Tofu, Cantonese style lobster and Stir-fry fish cubes.

It is not hard to find seafood dish. Shopping in the wet market is the traditional way of obtaining fresh seafood in Hong Kong, where seafood is usually stored in water tanks or frozen by ice cubes. In the following, we will try to chase back how seafood are produced and where are they from.

Global Map

Seafood can be divided into mainly four categories, namely fresh-water fish, salt-water fish, crabs and lobsters and mollusks. The majority of fresh-water fish, salt-water fish and mollusks are imported from China since short transportation route can maintain the freshness of these seafood. Crabs and lobsters are imported globally from Australia, Canada, etc. and China will only export crabs to Hong Kong.


Crabs and lobsters

CRABS AND LOBSTERS IN OUR LIFE INTRODUCTION Crabs and lobsters consist of 7 % in international seafood trade in 2000 (James, 2003). Since crabs and lobsters require special environment to cultivate them, it is only found in specific regions. For instance, crabs are...

mollusks (oysters, mussels, clams, etc)

Mollusks in Hong Kong – From None to Edible Hong Kong a glamorous, international city as many might regard as, for instance, lack the ability to provide herself food; one of the basics for human beings. Therefore, Hong Kong relies heavily on overseas supply. Mollusks,...

salt-water fish (wild and farmed)

Exploring saltwater fish in Hong Kong Salt-water fish are fish that spend some of all of their lives in salt water such as oceans or salt lakes. There are a variety of saltwater fish that are eatable. The common ones are Golden Threadfin Bream and Croaker. In this...

fresh-water fish (wild and farmed)

Food in Hong Kong: Freshwater fish Freshwater fish is regarded as one of the most popular food in East Asia, including Hong Kong. 180 tons of freshwater fish are consumed in Hong Kong per day. (AFCD, 2013) With such a large demand in freshwater fish, we would like to...